A is for … 

Let’s talk some hairdresser language shall we? 
Quite often I have a client use a word or phrase that to them means one thing but to a hairdresser.. something totally different! 

I’ll give you an example. A personal experience that happened to me a few years ago that made me change the way I consult with clients. 

Let’s call her ‘Susan’ 

Susan had been coming to me for at least a year or so every 6-8 weeks. Susan was always up for having some fun with her hair. Likes to have something a bit different each time and experiments with colour too! 

So when Susan asked me for a graduated bob I ‘assumed’ we were talking about the same thing. She was very confident in what she was asking and although it meant taking quite a bit of length off at the back I went ahead and cut the most beautiful sharp graduated bob. Susan has the type of hair that shines like a mirror. Very straight too so the perfect type of hair for this haircut. It was seriously sharp and perfect in every way. I showed Susan her stunning new do in the mirror excited to see her normally very smiley happy reaction 😬 

The horror when her face dropped…. she said ‘I think I meant an A-line  bob. ‘

My …heart… sank. It’s probably the hardest thing to hear as a hairdresser. I did the wrong haircut! I couldn’t believe it! I was as gutted as she was. 

Now if you don’t know the difference the graduated bob follows the curve and shape of the head, whereas an ‘Aline bob is all the same length all the way around slightly longer towards the Front.  From the side a similar shape to an Aline skirt or dress. 

It’s One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my career. Never ever assume! 

It has made me consult with clients in much more detail. Checking and asking lots of questions… to look at visual references … to describe how the hair will feel and how to maintain it. 

So a bit of advice for both us hairdressers and you when your going for your next haircut. 

Never Assume we know exactly what you mean. The outcome isn’t always what you think. 

A is for Assumption (or A-line bob) 

‘Bleach’ talk.. 

Firstly…. the word ‘bleach’!? I mean that’s enough to put anyone off surely? Isn’t that the potent stuff we like to spray around our house for a disinfected ‘clean’ smell. Doesn’t sound like the type of thing we want our hair to look? I think we need to rename it. Any suggestions?

An image that comes to mind when I say the  word ‘bleach’ ….

bad bleach






Don’t worry this is just a dummy head, but my point in this post is that things like that CAN happen… if your in the wrong hands that is!

Let’s look at a more appealing version.

Hair Goals!
This too is possible… if your in the right hands!

This is actually a client of mine who I have been bleaching continuously for 3 years almost now? If you ask my hairdressing friends then they would tell you that when it comes to ‘bleaching’ I can be a bit particular. It does tale teamwork to achieve and maintain Long Bleach hair. Me being very considerate of the hair each time we do the roots and my client looking after it in-between by using the best she can. Pureology Strength Cure at the moment.

Hair texture / hair colour / ability to maintain / and of course the CONDITION. Priority is always condition. There is nothing worse in my opinion than ‘bleached’ hair that looks like candy floss. That’s broken from the root. That’s so weak as soon as you touch it, it breaks off in your hand. It’s so sad to see.
I’ve come up with a checklist to help out anyone considering ‘bleaching’. For a more expensive finish follow my guidelines.

Things to consider beforehand.

The Salon and Stylist – is it the sort of thing they have experience in? Are they knowledgeable? Does the Salon come recommended for this sort of service?

Maintenance – there’s no low maintenance way about bleaching hair I’m afraid, the up-keep is often expensive and very frequent,  4-6 weeks usually. So think long term as changing your mind going back and forth isn’t great for the health of your hair.

TLC – what haircare are you using? Your hair will need extra TLC after what it will go through so make sure you invest straight away. You won’t regret it!

Bond Multiplier Treatment– make sure you have this! Most brands have there own version but they all claim to do a similar thing. This will help the bonds that are in your hair to stay strong and weaker bonds get stronger. The most common ones are Olaplex, Smartbond, and PH Bonder.

There will probably be a lot of bleach talk from me as its something I’m really passionate about, but this is a good place to start.

K x