A ‘twenty something’ hairstylist with lots to say about the salon experience and a bit more about hair its self.

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You will soon get to know that I am the type of hairdresser that wants to make your hair work for you. I take a practical approach when it comes to hair. Aiming to deliver something that suits you but is easy to maintain. What really grips me đŸ˜‰ is a challenge! if you tell me its not possible then I will do everything in my power to make it possible. Lets just say I’m determined.

I am extremely passionate about hair looking its best. Whether that means healthy, shiny, Youthful or expensive. Just the best it can. Everyones hair has potential.

When I’m not doing hair you will find me out with my dogs (Henry and Hugo) or in my vw camper. Every chance Im get I’m outdoors and often I retreat to the nearest beach!

Having had some experiences with T.V, photoshoots fashion week, competitions and celebrity styling. The salon is really where I call home.

I have my sights set on something I believe will bring hairdresser and client closer together.

For now… sit back and enjoy my journey.