The Trust is real!

I find the realtionship between each client and hairdresser so interesting!

If I were to ask each and every client that came into the salon whats the most important thing to them when it comes to finding a hairdresser, I think you would find everyone has a different answer. Ive asked a few and heres what they said;

Someone they can trust

Someone who understands their hair

Someone who they feel comfortable with

Good hair!

Most people spoke about the stylist and how they feel. Now isnt it interesting that its not just about the talent of the hairdresser. Of course this plays a big part but ultimately it comes down to trust.

Whats important for you? Is it the person? The skill? The experience?

Please leave your comment below, I would love to know?

I will leave you with a little picture of Carine and I having some photoshoot fun celebrating our 10 year hair relationship! @thefrenchiescot if you want to follow her on insta.. she is amazing!

Carine 10 best .png


K x

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