Copper and Red Inspo AUT/WINT 17/18

My personal favourite colour palette!

Feast your eyes on this! An array of Orange, Red and Mahogany tones to suit this time of year perfectly. Berry Red or cinnamon spice, what takes your fancy?

Check out this Pinterest page!

3 things you need to know about going copper

Ever-changing colour! The brighter you go… the quicker the fade.

So you either need to

– have frequent Salon visits to refresh

– get involved and refresh yourself

– accept the array of copper you will see your hair go through and accept that it dormant last forever

Going blonde after?
That’s all well and good depending on the blonde you want to be.

If your thinking cool icey platinum blondes then just understand it may not happen in your first appointment. Warm golden blondes on the other hand are what you should expect.

All of the above does however have a lot of factors. How dark your copper is? How much Red is in the copper and of course, How healthy your hair is?

Topping up your colour, what to use?
I’m assuming your already using a colour preserving shampoo and conditioner. If not, then please go and buy them now before you carry on reading! Honestly.. it makes all the difference and you probably should rethink going copper of your not prepared to use professional hair care.

So here are my top products to use to help keep your copper shiney and luscious!
– Bleach London – Tangerine dream (available from boots)

– Loreal Proffesional – Chromative (A Loreal professional Salon)

– Crazy Colour – Orange (Sally’s Salon services)

I would love to see your autumn hair so please feel free to post in the comments below.



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