Blonde Inspo for Aut/Wint 17

As the leaves are falling and the days getting colder its time to rely on your hair colour to warm you up!

For now lets look at some things you may need to think about.

  • Don’t go too dark!

If you are an all-year-round blonde and want to be the brighter lighter blonde your used to being in the summer, then my advice would be to not go too dark! Ideally just a shade darker to add warmth and shine. The consequence is having to cleanse your hair after to get back to where you were before. Enjoy having the softer blonde and enjoy all the shades you get whilst your hair is fading along the way. Which brings me on to my next tip!

  • It won’t be permanent

The tone will fade! So don’t be surprised that the colour will not last. This all depends on the condition and porosity of your hair. The healthier the hair the longer it will last. Even  by using a permenant hair dye you still won’t keep it any longer so I would suggest using a semi or demi permenant hair colour (ask your hairdresser if your unsure) Using a low or no ammonia colour for this is much better for shine and the hairs condition.

  • Use the best haircare you can afford!

To have the greatest chance of keeping your new hair-colour looking its best for longer then ideally use professional haircare as recommended by your stylist. They do work! For me the ultimate hair colour range is Pureology. They are sulphate free, paraben free and 100% vegan ingredients. They cost around £36 for the shampoo and conditioner together and should last at least 2 months. Its super concentrated so you only need a little at a time.

Now if thats not affordable then do not worry! For a good High street version I would go with Loreal Botanicals. Still Paraben free and silicone free ad a bit easier on the purse at around £16 for the two.

I would love to see your new Autumn Blonde so please post below;

If you are looking for hair colour inspiration Please check out my Pinterest page, I hope you find something you like!


K x

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