A is for … 

Let’s talk some hairdresser language shall we? 
Quite often I have a client use a word or phrase that to them means one thing but to a hairdresser.. something totally different! 

I’ll give you an example. A personal experience that happened to me a few years ago that made me change the way I consult with clients. 

Let’s call her ‘Susan’ 

Susan had been coming to me for at least a year or so every 6-8 weeks. Susan was always up for having some fun with her hair. Likes to have something a bit different each time and experiments with colour too! 

So when Susan asked me for a graduated bob I ‘assumed’ we were talking about the same thing. She was very confident in what she was asking and although it meant taking quite a bit of length off at the back I went ahead and cut the most beautiful sharp graduated bob. Susan has the type of hair that shines like a mirror. Very straight too so the perfect type of hair for this haircut. It was seriously sharp and perfect in every way. I showed Susan her stunning new do in the mirror excited to see her normally very smiley happy reaction 😬 

The horror when her face dropped…. she said ‘I think I meant an A-line  bob. ‘

My …heart… sank. It’s probably the hardest thing to hear as a hairdresser. I did the wrong haircut! I couldn’t believe it! I was as gutted as she was. 

Now if you don’t know the difference the graduated bob follows the curve and shape of the head, whereas an ‘Aline bob is all the same length all the way around slightly longer towards the Front.  From the side a similar shape to an Aline skirt or dress. 

It’s One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my career. Never ever assume! 

It has made me consult with clients in much more detail. Checking and asking lots of questions… to look at visual references … to describe how the hair will feel and how to maintain it. 

So a bit of advice for both us hairdressers and you when your going for your next haircut. 

Never Assume we know exactly what you mean. The outcome isn’t always what you think. 

A is for Assumption (or A-line bob) 

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