Long hair … DO Care!!

This is AMAZING! Really!

If your trying to grow your hair or keep it

long then I would really recommend this!

If like me, your trying to grow your hair, or at least keep it strong then this is for you!

I have my wedding coming up in September so anything that will keep my hair looking its best I want to get my hands on.

This was just a sample that was given to me but I will be going out to buy it!!

They claim it repairs your hair up to 90% and after one wash I can really tell that its very possible! I am someone that colours their hair a lot and it is also not the strongest so anything strengthening is what I aim for.

I haven’t tried the mask yet, I’m waiting for Friday as thats my weekly pamper night. I have a sample of that too so I will let you know how it is! Im looking forward to it!

K x

The Trust is real!

I find the realtionship between each client and hairdresser so interesting!

If I were to ask each and every client that came into the salon whats the most important thing to them when it comes to finding a hairdresser, I think you would find everyone has a different answer. Ive asked a few and heres what they said;

Someone they can trust

Someone who understands their hair

Someone who they feel comfortable with

Good hair!

Most people spoke about the stylist and how they feel. Now isnt it interesting that its not just about the talent of the hairdresser. Of course this plays a big part but ultimately it comes down to trust.

Whats important for you? Is it the person? The skill? The experience?

Please leave your comment below, I would love to know?

I will leave you with a little picture of Carine and I having some photoshoot fun celebrating our 10 year hair relationship! @thefrenchiescot if you want to follow her on insta.. she is amazing!

Carine 10 best .png


K x

My Perfect Blonde 

Just a quick one, 
I wish that a part of my hairdressing experience meant that I could go shopping with clients straight after their colour appointment. 

I dont know why but I seem to be better at picking out clothes for other people rather than myself!? But to be fair I pretty much wear all black,  everything, everyday! 

From now on I am going to post different colour schemes to compliment a hair colour. I hope you enjoy and it inspires you for your next colour change. 

Have you got a colour in mind and want some help with picking out your new wardrobe? Let me know!! 

K x 

Copper and Red Inspo AUT/WINT 17/18

My personal favourite colour palette!

Feast your eyes on this! An array of Orange, Red and Mahogany tones to suit this time of year perfectly. Berry Red or cinnamon spice, what takes your fancy?

Check out this Pinterest page!

3 things you need to know about going copper

Ever-changing colour! The brighter you go… the quicker the fade.

So you either need to

– have frequent Salon visits to refresh

– get involved and refresh yourself

– accept the array of copper you will see your hair go through and accept that it dormant last forever

Going blonde after?
That’s all well and good depending on the blonde you want to be.

If your thinking cool icey platinum blondes then just understand it may not happen in your first appointment. Warm golden blondes on the other hand are what you should expect.

All of the above does however have a lot of factors. How dark your copper is? How much Red is in the copper and of course, How healthy your hair is?

Topping up your colour, what to use?
I’m assuming your already using a colour preserving shampoo and conditioner. If not, then please go and buy them now before you carry on reading! Honestly.. it makes all the difference and you probably should rethink going copper of your not prepared to use professional hair care.

So here are my top products to use to help keep your copper shiney and luscious!
– Bleach London – Tangerine dream (available from boots)

– Loreal Proffesional – Chromative (A Loreal professional Salon)

– Crazy Colour – Orange (Sally’s Salon services)

I would love to see your autumn hair so please feel free to post in the comments below.



It Clicked!

Quite years ago a hairdresser friend said to (a very young me) I should go copper, it would really suit me she said. My immediate reaction was absolutely not! Always a blonde in my late teens/early 20’s, the thought of copper was completely out of the question. (Copper was not being embraced like it is now.) What I didn’t realise was that I was about to discover the most important tool I would carry with me for the rest of my hairdressing career.

After a while curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give the copper thing a go. Starting off with a strawberry blonde and eventually I was  on a mission to be the brightest shade of tangerine I could find! The brighter and stronger the red, the more green my eyes became! The more even my skin tone became, and the less makeup was needed! It was then that I realised how important colour choice and suitability is!

The importance of looking at skin tone/eye colour was literally put right in front of my eyes. Now …. its the first thing I start analysing! 

Being young and inexperienced what I hadn’t quite grasped or learned yet was how your hair colour could massively enhance your most important features!  It wasn’t just about choosing  ‘A colour’ that a client was happy with. It is much more about what suited them. It gave me more confidence and  reassurance when it came to  recommending colours I knew would compliment my client. Having that confidence is what helps me take some of my clients out of their comfort zone. Taking them on a colour path that even they may not have realised was better for them.

Skin tone and Eye colour is now the starting point when talking about colour. Not everyone is brave enough to delve in but thats ok. Even small tweaks can make a big difference.

This is just the beginning of a subject that I will talk more about, theres a lot more to come so stay tuned.

I do have a message for all potential clients though…

Have faith in me… your colourist! I want you to look and feel your best! I promise!

 K x


Blonde Inspo for Aut/Wint 17

As the leaves are falling and the days getting colder its time to rely on your hair colour to warm you up!

For now lets look at some things you may need to think about.

  • Don’t go too dark!

If you are an all-year-round blonde and want to be the brighter lighter blonde your used to being in the summer, then my advice would be to not go too dark! Ideally just a shade darker to add warmth and shine. The consequence is having to cleanse your hair after to get back to where you were before. Enjoy having the softer blonde and enjoy all the shades you get whilst your hair is fading along the way. Which brings me on to my next tip!

  • It won’t be permanent

The tone will fade! So don’t be surprised that the colour will not last. This all depends on the condition and porosity of your hair. The healthier the hair the longer it will last. Even  by using a permenant hair dye you still won’t keep it any longer so I would suggest using a semi or demi permenant hair colour (ask your hairdresser if your unsure) Using a low or no ammonia colour for this is much better for shine and the hairs condition.

  • Use the best haircare you can afford!

To have the greatest chance of keeping your new hair-colour looking its best for longer then ideally use professional haircare as recommended by your stylist. They do work! For me the ultimate hair colour range is Pureology. They are sulphate free, paraben free and 100% vegan ingredients. They cost around £36 for the shampoo and conditioner together and should last at least 2 months. Its super concentrated so you only need a little at a time.

Now if thats not affordable then do not worry! For a good High street version I would go with Loreal Botanicals. Still Paraben free and silicone free ad a bit easier on the purse at around £16 for the two.

I would love to see your new Autumn Blonde so please post below;

If you are looking for hair colour inspiration Please check out my Pinterest page, I hope you find something you like!


K x

It’s that time! 

Yes! This time of year is for change! 

I love Autumn hair. So much I wish it was autumn all the time! 

It’s all about shine and warmth. The perfect recipe for healthy hair. Even blondes can get Involved with this one by toning down the sun bleached locks to something slightly softer and golden. 

This time of year we are looking to change our wardrobes around. Richer colours, multiple layers and of course some chunky footwear. It only makes sense to change your hair colour too. 

The question is … what colour is right for you? 
Keep an eye on my next few blog posts as I will be posting my fave colour inspirations for autumn/winter! 

What colour do you think you will go?

K x