It Clicked!

Quite years ago a hairdresser friend said to (a very young me) I should go copper, it would really suit me she said. My immediate reaction was absolutely not! Always a blonde in my late teens/early 20’s, the thought of copper was completely out of the question. (Copper was not being embraced like it is…Read more »

Blonde Inspo for Aut/Wint 17

As the leaves are falling and the days getting colder its time to rely on your hair colour to warm you up! For now lets look at some things you may need to think about. Don’t go too dark! If you are an all-year-round blonde and want to be the brighter lighter blonde your used…Read more »

It’s that time! 

Yes! This time of year is for change!  I love Autumn hair. So much I wish it was autumn all the time!  It’s all about shine and warmth. The perfect recipe for healthy hair. Even blondes can get Involved with this one by toning down the sun bleached locks to something slightly softer and golden. …Read more »

A is for … 

Assumptions!  Let’s talk some hairdresser language shall we?  Quite often I have a client use a word or phrase that to them means one thing but to a hairdresser.. something totally different!  I’ll give you an example. A personal experience that happened to me a few years ago that made me change the way I…Read more »

‘Bleach’ talk.. 

Firstly…. the word ‘bleach’!? I mean that’s enough to put anyone off surely? Isn’t that the potent stuff we like to spray around our house for a disinfected ‘clean’ smell. Doesn’t sound like the type of thing we want our hair to look? I think we need to rename it. Any suggestions? An image that…Read more »